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Anderson Associates places its customers’ privacy among its highest priorities. We appreciate your trust in us and pledge to conduct business on your behalf with the highest regard for your privacy.

In order to serve you, we may ask you for certain private information. Real estate and mortgage transactions, particularly those that involve your personal residence, require certain information concerning you, your family and your personal financial circumstances.

We use your private information for the purpose of providing you with the services you request. We use the information in the course of our regular business practice in order to meet standard operating requirements.

Within our company, only those with a need to know your information will have authorized access to your private information.

We may, under certain circumstances, provide your private information to credit bureaus and other financial institutions, such as when we are legally required or permitted to do so, or in connection with the sale of your mortgage loan to another financial institution. If we receive or are otherwise served with a subpoena or similar legal process demanding release of any information about you, including your private information, we will generally attempt to notify you prior to providing the information to the demanding party, unless we believe that we are prohibited from doing so.

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